3S holds an STC-ODA with the FAA granted authority for issuing STCs for a number of Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft modifications.

For customers with internal engineering resources, 3S can provide STC project management, Unit Member, and FAA compliance data development. Furthermore, we can provide Compliance Data Development - All documentation the FAA requires for your project FAA interface point of contact - Project kick off meetings to full project guidance.

In addition we provide FAA Requirement Consulting, Procedures Manual Development, in house audits training and training program development.

The 3S ODA Advantage
If you want any equipment installed on an aircraft that requires a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) then an Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) program can save you time and money.

As an FAA designated ODA, 3S is your partner in ensuring the quickest path to Certification. We have the experience and up to date knowledge required to meet todays Certification requirements, and as an ODA we issue the STC directly on behalf of the FAA. We are one of only a select group of companies authorized to issue STCs for airplanes & helicopters with Type Certification basis issued to 14 CFR Parts 23 & 25 (Normal, Transport Category Airplanes) and Parts 27 & 29 (Normal, Transport Category Rotorcraft).

So your project doesn’t have to be dependent on the availability of FAA resources or priorities. With 3S your project is our “Top” priority, and with our experience and resources we offer a “Turnkey” solution that ensures the fastest path to your projects Completion and Certification. And with aircraft the fastest path saves you money.